IncrEdible Cake Art is permanently closed - feel free to browse the gallery just for fun.

IncrEdible Cake Art is permanently closed - feel free to browse the gallery just for fun.

Who I am:


I’m Bella, and I’m a mom, wife, and investment professional.

I live in beautiful Avon, Connecticut, with my husband, three kids, dog, and cat.

My true loves are chocolate, cheese, sleep, and my family (but not necessarily in that order). Cake-making is my creative outlet!

What I do:


I make delicious, beautiful, and highly personalized custom cakes from scratch.

From favorite character inspiration, to inanimate objects (candy boxes, wine bottles, suitcases, and even toilet paper rolls!), my cakes are all 100% edible. The only parts you can’t eat are the occasional minor structural supports, such as a toothpick or dowel, used to keep a tall item from falling.

Hence, my bakery’s name - IncrEdible Cake Art!

My License:

I operated my business under the Cottage Food Operation License from the State of Connecticut. This entails receiving food handling safety training, regular testing of the safety of our well water, providing detailed ingredient labels for each cake I sold, and jumping through several other less interesting hoops. I’m very excited to be able share my delicious and beautiful creations!


How I Got Here:


I’ve had a sweet tooth my entire life, but I never intended to open a cake bakery. When our first kiddo was born, I decided to make a little cake for his first birthday. It did not turn out very well (that’s a picture of it right there)! However, I tried again for his second birthday, went way bigger and bolder this time, and it turned out amazing!

Eventually, I decided to make every one of our kids’ birthday cakes in the hopes that, when they’re grown, the love and time I poured into their birthday cakes might be among their favorite childhood memories. My mother in law did this for my husband, and he still remembers various childhood cakes she’s made him! After nine years and three kids, I’ve gotten a lot of practice and learned so much!

Over the years, our family, friends, and random party guests encouraged me to offer custom cakes for sale, but it always seemed like such a daunting undertaking. My cakes always took me a very long time to make, and brought me a lot of stress… until all of a sudden, they didn’t! I’d finally accumulated enough experience and skill, and it became a fun creative outlet, which no longer completely drains me (mentally nor physically).

So I decided to go for it, and that’s why you’re here! You can look through my various creations on my Photo Gallery page. I have since closed my business and now only make cakes for family, but feel free to browse the site, and thanks for visiting!